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Great Lakes by Design wrote an exclusive article on the architects of the Great Lake Region. We were honored to have our founder and principal, Robert Sears, featured as one of the exclusive architect interviews! Be sure to follow the link below to read the quick but in-depth article to learn more about Robert Sears and the team that makes up Sears Architects.

In the intro, the article describes “Architects are often responsible for some of the world’s most striking and inspired structures in the built environment. As a field, it frequently requires a deft application of balanced artistry and mathematics, creativity and engineering, and aesthetics and functionality.   Whether it takes winged form in innovative bridges, pedestrian walkways, civic and cultural buildings, commercial spaces, or custom residential estates, architecture has an ability to influence and inspire how people and communities live, work, interact, and experience.”

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In his interview, Rob states, “I like the scale of the design and I like designing for individuals. We’ve done larger projects where the client has a design committee that we are working with, but I like working with Mr. and Mrs. Smith on their personal house, because of the personal relationships and scale of the architecture.”

The article also gave a great description of our firm: “Today, Sears Architects sits along Ionia Ave. in Grand Rapids with its passive windows facing toward the bustling city streets. From its brick and mortar location, the firm’s team provides a suite of design and planning services to clients and has worked with private individuals, developers, and historic residential associations within the state, and as far as Seattle, New Jersey, and Florida. The firm manages typically 15-to-20 projects at a time, all of which are in different phases of the process, and has done new construction home and cottage, additions and historic renovations, mixed-use and hospitality space, and neighborhood design and planning. While Sears said he thinks the firm’s success has allowed a degree of tailoring what type of project they are able to work on, it is the anticipation and chase of a job, and ultimately the challenge of a new design project that gets him through the door every day.”

Click here to read the full interview with Robert Sears

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