All News Great Lakes By Design – “Modern Beach House”February 5, 2018

modern contemporary beach house lake cottage michigan

Great Lakes By Design featured our “Modern Beach House” project in their Volume 1 Issue 4 magazine. The article features our design team’s process in collaborating with interior and landscape architects to combine the desired architectural style, home layout, Lake Michigan views, and property restrictions into a bold waterfront statement.

A Waterfront Study in Contrast highlights this Lake Michigan waterfront residence as a creative and technical combination of skills by Sears Architects. The article focuses first on the contemporary style architecture of the home achieved through modern materials, describing how the client’s desires were met through the strategic design elements and materials. Two distinct architectural and design styles were met when the traditional layout and forms in the architecture were infused with a bold contrast in colors through modern materials. The challenge in the layout of the home was meeting all the programmatic needs while also identifying the emotional nature of needs that are not as obviously defined.

The article continues by describing the surrounding terrain as being both an asset and challenge. The home has the advantage of the rolling terrain surrounding it with a beautiful lake view. The location of the house was easy to find to maximize these views and terrain, but it also led to the challenge of wanting to make a statement while looking like the home always belonged there. This was achieved by nestling the home among the trees and along the lakeshore which suited both the property and the client’s needs.

The article concludes by describing the collaboration between interior designer Cannarsa Design and Structure and Sears Architects’ as bridging the language between the interior and the exterior of the home. The execution of design on both the interior and exterior elements of the home help it to blend the outside with the inside and fit naturally into the site.

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