All News 2019 Great Lakes By Design – “Ripple Effect”February 21, 2019

       Great Lakes By Design featured our “Grand Haven Retreat” project in their Volume 3 Issue 1 magazine. The article features the interactions between the homeowner builder, and Sears Architects as this lakefront home undertook and a massive renovation. 
       The Lake Michigan modernist translation, as the article is titled, begins by describing the experience of this site, just as the design process also started. The newly renovated home sits on a high bluff overlooking and inspired by Lake Michigan. Main features of the home include a lower-level walk out and an expansive wooden deck on the lakeside, a simple, clean color palette on the exterior, and a series of retaining walls to transition from the driveway back to the deck. The existing home on the site was dated and simple, and the new homeowners were looking to transform it to fit their needs and lifestyle. The clients approached the home with a lot of previous design experience which helped transform the home through their creative involvement throughout the process.

       The article continues by describing the challenges this project faced. Once walls started coming down for renovation, Scott Christopher homes helped identify more issues that led to more demolition than originally planned. As a result, the design had to be altered and sensitivity to the site increased, as the home sits on a protected dune, and more permits were required. This led to more opportunities for redesign and efficiency in flow and layout. 
       The article describes the home as “a picture of refreshing modernism” because of its simple color palettes and natural materials both inside and outside, its functionality in layout and flow, as well as its opportunities to focus on the lake without distracting points in the home. 

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