All News The Architecture of StairsJuly 11, 2018

Stairs easily define the style of a space. An architectural staircase makes a big impact on the flow and style of a space and begs for attention from the users. There are so many different details that go into making an architectural staircase attractive while still fitting the needs of the layout. Here are some great examples of staircases from some of our own projects that show a variety of material, trim, and layout options. 

The Architecture of Stairs

Here is an example of one of our in-depth stair detailing sheets along with the final construction photo:

Throughout these staircase photos, there are only a few different repeating materials: steel, iron, and wood. How and where each of these materials is used is unique to each staircase. The species and stain of the wood can take any space and make it feel either modern or traditional. Adding an iron element to the handrail or frame also adds to the material palette and style of the space. Each layer of trim added to the staircase builds up the desired style goal and brings the entire element together. Each of these decisions is carefully planned and designed into our homes.