All News Inspiration: Winter’s Popular ProjectsApril 10, 2018

Now that it’s officially Spring, it’s time for some warm weather and new projects! Whether you are ready to start some projects around the house or thinking of building a new home, you may need some inspiration. Today we’re looking back at what our popular photos were from this past winter season that drew inspiration to others for any style project.

Sears Architects: Top Inspirational Photos

traditional house inspiration
modern stairs staircase inspiration
modern house inspiration
beach house timberframe inspiration
modern beach house inspiration
traditional white house inspiration
traditional brick house inspiration
traditional house inspiration
beach house inspiration

From traditional elements to modern facades, each of these projects brings unique statements. While lake views make for a bold window pattern on the backside of many of these homes, traditional brick and stately columns add symmetry to entrances making strong statements as well. 

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