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Glenn Beach Renovation
Harbor Springs, MI

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“It was love at first sight,” she says. “The moment I walked through the door I knew it was right. The neighborhood is great, on the water and walking distance to town … the bones of the house are well thought out and the quality outstanding.” It also had “big gathering places and amazing light,” and “windows in all the right places, so the light streams through the house from morning to night,” Linda continues.

With such great bones, the renovation path and palette was clear. “People today want cleaner lines,” Vee says. “They come up here to escape, so they want a place to calm down, a place of sanctuary.” To accomplish that forward-thinking style, Vee looked backward. In the late 19th century, cottage owners seeking for a similar escape from their busy lives eschewed the fussiness of Victorian cottages for the more clean-lined Shingle architectural style. Taking her cue from history, Vee, working closely with Linda, exchanged the home’s mauve exterior for a crisp navy-and-white color scheme, replaced the conventional roof shingles with natural cedar shingles, swapped the sunburst motifs over the window for shingled awnings and lost the gingerbread in the eaves.

With the backdrop set, Vee went to work fine-tuning the interior. While the only major structural change was enclosing one of two waterside porches to make a sunroom, every room was treated to new variations of bead board, wainscoting, elegant trim work and moldings painted in creamy colors. Vee also changed the function of several spaces, including converting the formal living room into dining/library area. Furnished with an antique table set in front of the fireplace, the room can be a place for casual meals as well as intimate dinner parties. With built-in bookshelves and cabinetry, the room doubles as a cozy spot for snuggling in with a book.