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Glen Lake Cottage
Glen Arbor, Michigan

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Text: Lynn Bakeman    

     “Sears lived in Nantucket early in his career and his deep appreciation for single-style architecture significantly influenced his firm’s work. “Most of the work of our architects is traditional in nature,” Sears explained. “Even though the home’s exterior detailing is a reflection of life hundreds of year ago, we’ve brought the classic northern Michigan cottage current with modern technology and a dramatically different open floor plan to reflect how people live today.”

       The Sear Architects’ team sought to strike the right balance between classic and casual with a timeless design that will never be associated with a discernable decade. From its river rock base and wood shingle cladding to the gambrel roof, there are many small touches that read and work well together offering an approachable respite. 

       The gambrel roof comes from 18th-century Dutch colonial architecture and offers a wider roof span with the advantage of increased interior space to accommodate many friends and family who will gather there.

       Since the owners were challenged with making project decisions from over 300 miles away, it was also helpful that Sears and his team were adept at working with clients across the U.S. Although FaceTime provides a great platform for some decisions, nothing compares to initial meetings in person for programming and design. Sears explains that the key to good design is getting to know the client and how they live and interact with their family so their personality translates into the project.  

       Glen Lake is the main focus of this home, so even though the home is perched on a high bluff, solid surface landscaping brings the residents close to the action with meandering steps leading to a lower level fire pit and exclusive beach. A great deal of thought went into other lakeside living spaces including a screened-in porch, private owner’s suite porch, and a kitchen easily accessible from the outdoors.”